How can I use my geodatabase data with ArcGIS Online and AmigoCloud?




  • goldman.steve

    There are several ways to publish data in ArcGIS Online. The data can be hosted in ArcGIS Online for one. Or you can host your own map service on your own server, and register that service in ArcGIS Online. You can also create a map in ArcGIS Online that consumes your service. It's unclear from this help how to work with ArcGIS Online content.

  • Daniel Caldwell

    Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback. Currently, ArcGIS Online data isn't brought into AmigoCloud directly for ArcGIS Online. If the data is hosted there it will be unavailable. However, for most clients, they maintain an enterprise database which is then synced to ArcGIS Online as well as AmigoCloud. I updated the question a bit. Does this help? We are looking into supporting WMTS from ArcGIS Online to bring in the maps, as a base layer, into AmigoCloud.

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